Elementary’s A View With A Room

Joan: “I’m just saying, you’re worrying about the breakup when you haven’t even gone out on a date.”

Sherlock: “There’s not going to be a date.”

Joan: “Why not?”

Sherlock: “Because she’s more sensitive than the average woman. She’s easier to hurt and confuse.”

Joan: “So, don’t hurt her. Don’t confuse her.”

Sherlock: “ I confuse anyone.”

Joan: “So, by not asking Fiona out, you are protecting her from you? That is ridiculous. You make it sound like you can’t be in a relationship, when you were, with Irene.”

Sherlock: “Oh, you mean Moriarty?”

Joan: “Whatever you want to call her, you loved her. She broke your heart, I get it, but just because she did, doesn’t mean that Fiona will too.”


‘Elementary’ adalah serial detektif. Setiap episode pastilah bersifat prosedural. Tapi senang serial ini masih menyempatkan untuk memasukkan elemen personal di dalamnya sebagai semacam jeda untuk intensitasnya.

And I love this week episode, ‘A View With A Room’ (ada alasan kenapa judulnya memelintir novel klasik E. M. Forster). Especially for it’s romantic tone.

Jadi ternyata Sherlock suka dengan Fiona, salah satu karakter dari episode dari episode lalu. Dan Joan, sebagai teman yang baik, tentunya senang dan mencoba untuk membantu sahabatnya itu. Masalahnya Sherlock pada kenyataannya belum bisa move-on from his previous relationship.

Fiona sendiri adalah karakter yang menarik; seorang autistik, atau yang disebutnya dengan neuroatypical. Ia memiliki kecendrungan untuk menyampaikan emosinya secara verbal dan jujur. Jadi, saat akhirnya ia mengakui perasaannya kepada Sherlock, it feels both awkward and genuine.


Fiona: “It’s hard for me, talking, not picking up on things that other people do. The uh, signals…like now. I can’t tell if you’re happy to see me, or…”

Sherlock: “I’m very happy to see you.”

Fiona: “Would you like to kiss me?

Sherlock: (dead silence, nervous)

Fiona: “Asking ’cause I’d like you to.”

Sherlock: “Um, Fiona…”

Fiona: “I’ve been, uh, thinking about you. Spending time with you that day, I enjoyed it. That doesn’t happen very often. Also, you’re very handsome, and you smell nice. A lot of people don’t. ”

(Sherlock’s phone chime in)

Fiona: “I’ll go now.”

Sherlock: “You don’t have to.”

Fiona: “I should. This was hard, coming here, saying these things. I’m glad I did, but I’d like to stop now.”


Dear, Fiona. I feel you!

Anyway, I’m glad that Sherlock now has a chance to develop a new romantic entanglement. I mean, it’s about time. It’s not going to be easy. But I believe in them. I’ll wait.

So, what’s the point of this post? Nothing. I just like those convos. They resonated with me. That’s all.

*kemudian ‘Nightstand Drawer’ Heather Maloney terdengar di latar, saat end credit rolling out*